The futuristic construction site 
-Internet over Wi-Fi, timelapse and webcamera.

Barracks & Construction site

Our vision is that technology and real estate go hand in hand into the future with Norway as leader. We have extensive experience of delivering internet from the nearest fiber to your barracks rig with faster delivery time and a lower price - than if you were to purchase it yourself.

We also supply routers, switches and portable wireless access points on your projects. Both to the barracks rig and the construction site.

Timelapse & Webcamera

We set up cameras connected to the wireless network on the construction site, these can be live-streamed by given people (set up according to their own policy) in the company, we also offer our own cameras for timelapse of the project.

Pipes and infrastructure

We ensure that the fiber delivered to your construction project will also be a permanent installation so tenants or residents have access to the Internet from the day a building is complete.

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  N0r5ke Communication Services AS

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