Renew the building and at the same time increase profits with Wi-Fi.



A mutual and  secure Wi-Fi with your own WLAN throughout the building. Residents roam freely with coverage everywhere. Modernizes your building without having to pay for a complete renovation. Connect to your own SD system and IoT devices at no extra cost.

Higher rental income

By being an internet provider via N0r5ke, you get a part of the monthly income for the internet instead of paying for tenants' internet access. This also gives a higher yield and property value.

More loyal tenants

The internet is like electricity, it has to be there and it has to work. A bad Internet for tenants means so much that they move.

Better internet access


More satisfied tenants

Tenants online day 1

Get your tenants get online day 1. N0r5ke's Wi-Fi is in the building and can be connected as soon as one enters the building. Tenants can contact N0r5ke for assistance.

Easy for new tenants to connect 
the same day they move in.

Man on Computer



The tenant goes to and chooses a subscription.


The tenant signs an electronically agreement.


Tenant receives username and password.


The tenant connects to Wi-Fi and has the capacity ordered.

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