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Every router, from our most humble to those packed with a range of patented technologies - we offer a level of performance that their competitors can not touch. You can move freely without interruption throughout buildings or areas on your own protected WLAN on N0r5ke's Wi-Fi.

They can be distributed anywhere, indoors or out in the toughest environments, rain, snow or sun.

They can meet the most demanding environments without breaking the budget.

Enterprise Ruckus Wi-Fi 6 Ruter

Our ICX switches are packed with innovative technologies such as long-distance "stacking" that make them easy to distribute and manage while delivering impressive performance.


We deliver a complete, scalable and high performance network solution that supports today's growing video streaming in addition to

Unified Communications (UC), VDI and mobile applications. 

They can be distributed anywhere, indoors or out in the toughest environments, rain, snow or sun. They can meet the most demanding environments without breaking budget..


Ekahau is the world's best planning tool for Wi-Fi and this allows us to design the best possible wireless network in your building with the fewest possible access points. Do you have a building with many concrete walls and obstacles? -We solve it.

Connect to Wi-Fi with your dervices, we make sure you can move freely in and out of the property without switching connection. Your car will automatically connect to the buildings Wi-FI as soon as you park and from there your devices will follow you on your own secured Wi-Fi.

Ekahau-for a professional Wi-Fi design

The solution: make it easy to protect your network by securing your wireless devices - you can use the network while we take responsibility for the tyranny of passwords.


We take the full responsibility and give you detailed policy control over which network resources different users can access. There will be no more "password tyranni" - let us handle it for you.

N0r5ke management system

Cloud-controlled: Users get a consistently good Wi-Fi experience wherever they are - quickly, reliably and securely. WE support and overlook every single access point we set up without having to travel "on site".

Everything is Cloud based

New uses for IoT are being discovered every single day. Ruckus & N0r5ke reduces infrastructure consumption by easily connecting IoT devices wirelessly to a Wi-Fi access network that supports multiple standards. Ruckus IoT Suite simplifies the establishment of IoT access networks through the reuse of LAN and WLAN infrastructure.


We shorten the distribution time and reduce costs

Ruckus IoT Suite

The N0r5ke team

Competence is everything in our industry, trust us who have done it for decades. We are flexible and create a tailor-made solution for you at the same time as we have expertise from the largest Internet and data center providers in the Norwegian market.

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